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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WikiLeaks. Featured Material (Russian)

While the founder of the controversial site Julian Assange fighting off the attempts to arrest himself, his work gradually goes off-line. Say that the book is that way with something useful and will help in business, definitely not. In the best case will add the finishing touches to the overall picture of the world, which is also, however, be useful. In any case, to pass this news simply could not.

Publishers, of course, well done - at once warning in advance and released a translation of the materials of the famous site of direct relevance to Russia. So, if you climb continuously hangs an Internet resource not to rush, and besides, you do not speak English - a book for you. Information is divided into three large blocks of Heads: Russian internal affairs, and heroes, the heroes and events in Poland and the former Soviet republics, well, and other countries.

It is understandable that the most interesting materials are devoted to insinuations about Putin, Luzhkov, Medvedev, Kadyrov. Here and roles in tandem, and the 2012 election, and the bees the ex-mayor. In the near abroad as the most pressing topics selected Georgian military cooperation with the U.S. assessment of Americans Tymoshenko in Ukraine, relations between Russia and the Baltic States, etc. Well, as far abroad - a new French "dictator" Sarkozy, playful Italian Berlusconi, tourism and criminal ties between Russia and Thailand, as well as, of course, frightening India and China. Not difficult to guess that as such, no real discredit this book is not and can not be. The novelty of the same information contained therein is entirely dependent on raising a specific reader. As one of the reasons to buy it, I heard an opinion that Assange soon be arrested, the site closed down permanently, and this edition will become a rare and unique. Like, will than a couple of decades surprise grandchildren.

Something about this is, moreover, that after many years and most will be interesting to read and compare to open up to the time information Potbelly. Although, if a quarter of a century egg capsule will remain at the castle, the book of this will be only the more valuable.

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