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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spree by Oleg Zayonchkovsky

Oleg Zayonchkovsky is the author of the novels "Sergeyev and the town" (the short list of awards "Russian Booker" and "National Bestseller"), "Petrovich", "Happiness is possible" (short-list of awards "Russian Booker" and "Big Book"). Characters of Zayonchkovsky are simpletons and the cheates at the same time. They are cause continued sympathy among readers and critics.

The hero of the novel Spree is Nefedov - excellent husband and family man, quarreled with his wife, leaves home, that is booze. Not quite sober, knocked out of his usual rut, it is against their own will become the main actor of extraordinary and dangerous adventure, coupled with the lost manuscript of the famous Russian writer Pochechuyev. Nefedov not only saves for the Fatherland and cultural value, but he returned to the bosom of the family.

Fragment of the book you can read at site in Russian (original) and translated via Google in English.

Buy here "Spree by Oleg Zayonchkovsky"

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