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Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson

Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues ...

Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson in The Russian Book Store No.1

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Heaven to Earth by Tatyana Ustinova

More than ten years of her life Tatyana Ustinova dedicated television. Like most business women appreciate family cosines. In detective stories by Tatyana Ustinova is always a place of romantic stories. Her characters are friends, hate, dreams, and above all - love ... They live a full life in the pages of books.

Main characters of her new book "From Heaven to Earth" leads a strange life, and do not seem too happy with it. He has a strange profession, odd habits, even the name of the country - Alex Shang-Girey! ..

Publishing, in which Alex was invited to work at first glance seems quite peaceful, comfortable and prosperous. All love each other and engaged in a noble cause - the publication of books.

All the ashes will go just as the day when in the corridor of publisher house is found dead. Who is this man? How did he get there? It turns out, killed him, one of the most charming and intelligent people engaged in a noble cause? And how to get to the truth?

A dig is necessary, because Alex is also in grave danger - he is mired in a long-standing severe hatred, forgot all about love, lost on the road. And the enemy, the real, real, clever and strong, does not sleep! ..

Him in all things to sort out - in hatred, love of enemies and friends, because he does not know who is friend and who foe! He will have to come back to earth, look around, take a deep breath and realize that here on earth, it's not so bad!

Buy here "From Heaven to Earth by Tatyana Ustinova"

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