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Monday, December 13, 2010

Literary Matrix. The Textbook, Written by Writers

"In the Anglo-American bookstore LJ community Bookish appeared in this year's post: someone - obviously old enough - he wrote that he decided to get acquainted with these «The Russians», about which everyone is talking, and finally read "Crime and Punishment", "War and Peace" and "Lolita". According to the results of reading Dostoevsky was granted five stars, and Tolstoy to Nabokov - four and a half. Posted by asked him to suggest that all read from the same writers. This, however, is not on the export of Russian spirituality, and that the author answered the post is one of the community: Hail, saying that he was born in the States - you are born in Russia, these books you would be tortured in school and then you all their lives would hate."
Excerpt from the book.

Unique project "alternative" school textbook on literature. The classics of Russian literature - from Pushkin to Solzhenitsyn - say the scientists, literary critics, and famous contemporary writers and poets. Among the book's authors - Andrew Bits and Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Sergei Gandlevsky and Vladimir Sharov, Dmitri Bykov and Tatyana Moskvina, Paul and Alexander Krusanov Sekackii, Sergei Shargunov and Vsevolod Emelin - writers and poets of different generations and aesthetic and ideological views.

Each of the forty-authors were asked to write about their favorite writer or poet of the past. All articles (except articles of Maxim Kantor's "Apostle of the Revolution") written specifically for this edition.

Published with the participation of the Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University.

Forty authors, forty-two articles, 1300 pages of text. The authors of two volumes:

  1. Sergey Shargunov - article about Aleksandr Griboyedov
  2. Ludmila Petrushevskaya - article about Alexander Pushkin
  3. Andrew Bits - article about Mikhail Lermontov
  4. Alexander Sekackii - article about Nikolai Gogol
  5. Tatiana Moskvina - article about Aleksandr Ostrovsky
  6. Mikhail Shishkin - article about Ivan Goncharov
  7. Michael Gigolashvili - article about Ivan Turgenev
  8. Helen Schwartz - article about Fyodor Tyutchev
  9. Andrew Levkin - article about Afanasy Fet
  10. Dmitry Gorchev - article about Aleksey Tolstoy
  11. Maya coachman - article about Nikolay Nekrasov
  12. Alexander Melikhov - article about Nikolay Nekrasov
  13. Sergey Bolmat - article about Nikolay Chernyshevsky
  14. Ilya Boyashov - article about Nikolai Leskov
  15. Alexei Evdokimov - article about Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
  16. Sergei Nosov - article about Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  17. Valery Popov - article about Leo Tolstoy
  18. Arkady Dragomoschenko - article about Anton Chekhov
  19. Alexander Kabakov - article about Ivan Bunin
  20. Natalia Kurchatov - article about Aleksandr Kuprin
  21. Roman Sechin - article about Leonid Andreyev
  22. Dmitry Bykov - article about Maxim Gorky
  23. Vsevolod Emelin - article about Alexander Blok
  24. Vladimir Tuchkov - article about Vladimir Mayakovsky
  25. Maxim Kantor - article about Vladimir Mayakovsky
  26. German Sadulayev - article about Sergei Yesenin
  27. Dmitry Vodennikov - article about Marina Tsvetaeva
  28. Maria Stepanova - article about Marina Tsvetaeva
  29. Alla Gorbunova - article about Osip Mandelstam
  30. Svetlana Bodrunova - article about Anna Akhmatova
  31. Xenia Buksha - article about Boris Pasternak
  32. Maxim Kantor - article about Mikhail Bulgakov
  33. Alexander Etoev - article about Mikhail Zoshchenko
  34. Sergey Gandlevsky - article about Isaak Babel
  35. Paul Krusanov - article about Yevgeny Zamyatin
  36. Vladimir Sharov - article about Andrei Platonov
  37. Alexander Melikhov - article about Mikhail Sholokhov
  38. Olga Slavnikova - article about Vladimir Nabokov
  39. Eugene Myakishev - article about Nikolay Zabolotsky
  40. Sergei Zavialov - article about Aleksandr Tvardovsky
  41. Andrew Rubanov - article about Varlam Shalamov
  42. Alexander Terekhov - an article on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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