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Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson

Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues ...

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Russian Hollywood MINI by Alexandre Vassiliev

The book that everyone was waiting!

The new album by Alexandre Vassiliev about Russian Hollywood stars gathered in this book is truly a unique material - rare photos, footage and samples of the films from the private collection of Alexandre Vassiliev fascinating story of the famous fashion historian of the brightest stars of Russian American cinema book goes into more affordable format MINI .

Output in this format, preceded by the premiere of a large album, "Russian Hollywood" being prepared for release in publishing "SLOVO" in 2011.

Highest quality printing, jacket and compact size make this book an ideal gift for anyone who loves movies, art, and interested in the history of Russian emigration new book by renowned historian of fashion, theater artist and TV presenter Alexandre Vassiliev "Russian Hollywood" is devoted to the artistic life of the Russian emigration in tinsel town .
This book opens a new theme in the works of Alexandre Vassiliev. Russia has forgotten the old and the modern just does not know the beautiful Russian actresses and actors whose names still adorn the stars of Hollywood Walk of Fame. Russian emigration has played an important role in the global culture of the past century. On a par with fashion, literature, and dance one of the most visible areas of the "Russian influence" has become the Hollywood cinema. Rare photos, footage and samples of the films, American screen versions of Russian classics, Hollywood movies about Russia, the biography of the brightest stars of Russian American cinema make this book truly unique.
Presentation of the book by Alexander Vassiliev "Russian Hollywood" was held at Moscow's bookshops.

About author: Alexandre Vassiliev is an internationally acclaimed French costume and set designer as well as being a fashion historian. He was born in Moscow in 1958 into a celebrated family of artists. His late father designed for the Bolshoi Theatre, his mother was an actress.

More about A. Vassiliev you can find in

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