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Monday, September 19, 2011

Siege Diary by Lena Mukhina "...Save My Sad Story..."

"... Save my sad story ..." - with these words, turned to her diary of a dying girl dystrophy.

We know the 'adult' evidence of monstrous, not fully studied the phenomenon, known as the Siege of Leningrad: "Memoirs" by D.Likhachev, Notes of the siege man" by L. Ginzburg, "Siege Diary" by G. Knyazev, " Memories of the siege" by V. Glinka and many others. But the "children's" evidences are little. For stunning effects can be called one thing: the diary of Jura Ryabinkin shown in the "Leningrad Gospels" - "Blockade Book" by D. Granin and A. Adamovich.

And now - a diary by Lena Mukhina.

At worst, mortal time, when the rapidly crumbling moral standards, when the death of loved ones has become commonplace, Lena carefully recorded the signs of the siege of everyday life, trying to comprehend her actions and impulses.

At the beginning of the siege of winter Lena wanted to write a book with a friend, "that we would like to read, but which, unfortunately, does not exist."

This book is exist. And an indication that in the most inhuman time people tried to save his own humanity. That is what today gives us hope.

Diary prepared for publication by staff of the St. Petersburg Institute of History of Sciences.

Siege Diary by Lena Mukhina "...Save My Sad Story..." at The Russian Book Store No.1


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