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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries include many languages. Today offer you two big dictionaries: The English-Russian Dictionary and The French-Russian Dictionary.

The English-Russian Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo

The English-Russian Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo - an updated version of the popular electronic dictionary Lingvo Universal, submitted in paper format.

Today it is the most complete English-Russian dictionary of coverage of new words and meanings that have appeared in English in the last years of XX century and the first decade of the XXI century. The dictionary contains 83,135 entries (including 1,799 phrasal verbs), 142,278 lexical meanings, as well as 31,927 examples of contemporary and classic British and American texts. Widely represented a variety of stylistic vocabulary of recovery, including conversational, stylistically reduced and jargon.

The French-Russian Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo

The French-Russian Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo is by far the most complete of the existing French-Russian dictionary in the world.

Dictionary, based on the most authoritative lexicographical sources, contains 86,609 entries and 132,124 lexical meaning. For the first time for a dictionary this size, each headword entry is equipped with a phonetic transcription. Widely represented compatibility, set phrases and terminology, as well as a variety of stylistic strata vocabulary of modern French language.

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