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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Russian Book by Ilya Stogoff

One of the main instigators of modern Russian prose Ilya Stogov recently released a new novel, "Russian Book", published by the publishing house AST. This is the first classic fiction by Stogov since 2002, after the release of the novel «mASIAfucker».

Stogov himself characterizes his new work as "a novel about what might do Indiana Jones, if born in Russia. And a little more about how it would do to him what to do in such a strange country like Russia."

"The past of my country is such a sleeve, which you can find the ace for every taste. Any, the most sublime example to follow. That fearless warriors. Here are their faithful wives. Here are the saints who commit unprecedented feats. Stories about the great ancestors taught in schools, they make movies about. Here are examples of battles and casualties examples, examples of Wonderland, the examples of love and examples of selflessness. In the past, my country there is anything - not only the real history"- says the Stogov.

During his 40 years Ilya Stogov changed many roles: he was a janitor in a Berlin theater, a security guard, broadcaster, translator, editor in chief of magazine. ... Beginning of literary career with the novels "Kamikaze" and "Macho does not cry", Stogov switched to nonfiction prose ("Reyvolution", "Dead Can Dance", "Sinners", etc.). The last few years in promoting its own series of books Stogoff Project, in which, inter alia, a book by Anton Chernin, "Our music" on the history of Russian rock. In 2008 Stogov released novel "Apocalypse Yesterday" on his world tour, allegedly committed by him. Stogova books translated into 15 languages of Asia and Europe.

Buy here "Russian Book by Ilya Stogoff"

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