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Monday, January 31, 2011

Knick-Knacks: Household Items In Photographs And Memories Of The Late XIX - Early XX Century by Elena Lavrent'eva

Flea markets, antique furniture shops, antique shops - all of these sales outlets are united by one thing: they sell the story of things. And "spoon-matryoshka" of 60s, and a masterpiece of painting the 17th century can always find your admirer, and, consequently, the buyer. Today this business is the wave of popularity. And not only from buyers, but also from businessmen.

But often, people today and even collectors are faced with the fact that they can not understand - what was intended this or that old thing. Kopoushko, snuffers with candles, the page for the friction, road sand box, a brush for cleaning combs whisk for hats ...

A hundred years ago these things did not seem outlandish. Now they might well form the exhibition "Museum of curiosities". And while a museum is not created, we offer our readers this album on household goods, obsolete.

The new album by Elena Lavrent'eva "Knick-knacks: Household items in photographs and memories of the late XIX - early XX century" from the project "Family Archive" continues the theme of everyday culture of the past, which promotes the author for many years.

The album presents the following topics: kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, housewares, fashion accessories, stationery, women's needlework and other assistance in preparation for publication the author had museums and antique galleries, collectors and lovers of antiques.

Most of these items are no longer in use, and assign them difficult to understand to modern man, but thanks to this new album, readers can not only see the items, guess what they do, look at their image in the pictures, old postcards, photographs, cartoons, and also meet their description in the memoirs of contemporaries, and found in them "unidentified family heirlooms".

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