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Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson

Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues ...

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lives of Remarkable People: Andrei Platonov by Aleksey Varlamov

Andrei Platonov (1899-1951), the most mysterious and abnormal Russian writer of the XX century, has passed almost unnoticed by the brilliant literary mirrors of era. However, none of literary fate of the national life of Russia has not manifested itself so strongly and not in someone else works tragedy orphaned in the revolution of the people did not express itself so deeply and fully. Novels, novellas, short stories, articles, plays by Andrei Platonov, most of which were published many years after his death, became the artistic and compelling evidence of cardiac comprehension of what had happened to a Russian man in a great and terrible decade of the last century. The fate and identity of Platonov's never limited to one in literature and known to the general reader far less than his work. Meanwhile, the circumstances of his life let a lot to see and understand in a difficult perception to Platonov's books.

Alexey Varlamov, known novelist and literary historian, presents to readers a biography of Andrei Platonov's based on a significant number of archival documents and texts, including the recently opened, traces the career and recreates the personal, everyday features of his character, who, according to Viktor Nekrasov, "in my life have been a writer, but his literary work has always remained a man".

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