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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Last Wild Boar From the Forests of Pontevedra by Dina Rubina

This novel by well-known Russian writer Dina Rubina, is subtitled - Spanish Suite. And although the main action of the novel takes place in Israel, the atmosphere of the novel is truly permeated the passions in the spirit of "Carmen". Serious passions that dominate the characters most fatal manner. Passions, which are filled by county, as the water, drawing into its orbit of those who could capture the true feelings of vibration.

"- Spain - serious country - he said and smiled suddenly ... - Just out there at people a totally different sense of humor. It is impossible to make jokes, like joking, let's say in Italy. And it - everything. For example, in Italy the crucified Jesus is a handsome thirty years man.

In Spain, the terrible crucifixion ... We figured that if he fell twice in the Way of the Cross, he had hurt himself his knees. Therefore, time and again to cross it - with broken knees, with stripped, folded skin on skin, wounded and exhausted ... a dangerous country, dangerous people ... It's here - he continued - among local screamers decided to yell at each other, waving his hands in front of the nose but the nose did not touch. There's no way ... there every movement, every gesture executed hidden meaning and construed most dangerous way. "

It said one of the main characters of the book - Lucio, ugly dwarf, married to a crazy woman he loved, which, in turn loves another. Naturally, the ending of this love triangle (as in the novel, as often it happens, it's not even a triangle and square) is quite dramatic. What befits a Spanish tragedy.

Dina Rubina novel is interesting not only this love drama, and most importantly identifying the essence of human character in the proposed and anticipated circumstances. The suddenness and unpredictability, the absurdity and banality of these same circumstances can reveal the writer as character traits of the novel the characters that the reader develops a sense of his own acquaintance with them. Honestly, it seems - a meeting Tossia on the street, immediately find out if it, I personally sat down beside her on Thursday meetings "tseveta" Matnasa. However, Rubin and such an option, apparently, foresaw when he wrote:

"A strange feeling possessed me: I was suddenly left feeling that I'm writing this piece, am on a string of these puppets. Lost magic match, a wonderful sense of threads that you are fingering, spinning the story. Suddenly I felt myself not the author's own story, not the master of portable theatre, but only one of its minor characters, he suddenly realized the insignificance of their strength, their ridiculous claims. "

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