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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Dancer. Confession of Russian Emigrant by A. Vassiliev

In 2010 in Moscow, was published a book of memories 95-year old Parisian ballerina Kseniya Tripolitova by Al'pina publishing house. It's called "Little Dancer. Confession of Russian Emigrant" and is timed to 100 anniversary of Russian seasons. The entire text of a book written by Alexandre Vassiliev.

This book - the life story of emigrant from Russia, which has grown far from their homeland, Kseniya Tripolitova. Tripolitova was an actress cabaret, music hall and danced corps de ballet roles in Russian ballet.

By the will of fate, Kseniya Tripolitova has witnessed many historical events of the 20 century. She was born in tsarist times to the landlord family, survived the First World War and the Russian revolution, civil war, depression 30's, World War II and the Cold War between the West and the USSR, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, and only after all these years she has visited his homeland, but came only to visit.

Tripolitova wanted to open his own studio in Poland, but this plan has prevented the war. After this Tripolitova immediately got into the troupe of Russian Ballet Colonel de Basil, which was characteristic of a dancer, and then appeared in her life scenes of the cabaret and music hall in Europe.

Kseniya Tripolitova very fond of typical Russian dance, the mazurka. She danced on the stages of a cabaret in Paris, Nice, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Belgium and the Netherlands, has performed in theaters in Poland, Tunisia, Spain. Her teacher was a famous ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre of Lyubov Yegorova and her husband - a famous dancer prewar era Nikolay Tripolitov.

Tripolitova performed in a concert with Marlene Dietrich in liberated Paris. Familial dancer associated with aristocratic families in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Greece.

The book describes the interesting career artist, her thoughts and opinions about people who met her on her life. Many talked about the world of ballet, fashion, the backroom intrigues.

The book contains black-and-white photographs and documents from the personal archives of Kseniya Tripolitova. Printed edition on white paper, hard cover books and framed portrait of a ballerina Kseniya Tripolitova.

Buy here “Little Dancer. Confession of Russian Emigrant”

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