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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calendar. Talking About The Main Thing by Dmitrii Bykov

In the new book by the indefatigable and prolific poet, writer, journalist Dmitrii Bykov included essays about people and events of the past century, combined in a "calendar", the article for which were written by so-called "Danish" reasons - to a round or semicircular anniversaries of people whose names might be, means nothing to the modern student, and to us - tell all. Therefore has the "Calendar" subtitle - Talking about the main thing.

What makes Dmitrii Bykov - it is always interesting. This will not be able to deny even the haters author of "Train", "Decommissioned", "Evacuation", "Spell," "Chain letters" and other works in a variety of genres. Poetry, prose, essays on contemporary culture, literary biography, articles and columns in numerous periodicals, broadcasts in television interviews with interesting "heroes of our time". Bykov truly tireless workaholic. And after all, then it turns out! (Sighs graphomaniac).

"Speak Out on the merits is difficult today, - says the Bykov - and it would be hypocritical to blame only the censorship - the ideological or formatted. This is an international phenomenon. The question is not whether it would be published and paid for such a statement, and to whom it is needed. Together with the twentieth century ended with the millennium conversations and reflection. Been replaced by something else, entirely new, and all the achievements, disasters, and counter the previous ten centuries, made history ... People of the twentieth century is still difficult to adapt himself to it, and they strive to finished chips, dosporit old arguments - about the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, liberalism, and Stalin, on the law and grace. Most of these people realize that the past is cut off and talk about it as meaningless as the display assess the behavior of Hammurabi, or Cheops. But for us this millennium - not only history but also the personal past. And so dear to us at least a calendar occasion to remember names and events that today's students do not say anything, and they tell us everything.

This is not the most fruitless occupation. In the end, but the present day, there is a future for which, as for God, not dead ... "
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