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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kazan, Barbecue and Other Men's Pleasure by Stalik Hankishiev

Stalic came to us from the World Wide Web. For more than five years, he is so called a "guru" of the Russian gastronomic Internet star and the legend's most popular cooking sites and forums. In fact, hiding behind a pseudonym Stalic living person: his name Stalik Khankishi, and he lives in Uzbekistan, and not even in the capital Tashkent, and in a comfortable, patriarchal Ferghana. And do not say that this man - so much passion, so much fun, bubbling joie de vivre. Stalik - a perfect self-taught man, a brilliant dilettante, but he is really great cooks, great about the preparation of his writing and quite breathtakingly photographed what you get.

The author comes to cooking creatively for his cooking - it's like a song where it is important to every word, rhyme, and music. All of the approach to the essence of dishes (it seemed), the approach to dressing products (some with a knife and how), until you drink a shot of vodka at the time of preparation of pilau, or other dishes, all part of his song, but the song did not throw out the words. All of his dishes - it is creation, and he's the master, znayushy culture and traditions and having a wide view. The book can be a great gift, decoration very high quality.
His book - in any case not a collection of recipes Uzbek cuisine, no guide to the Central Asian cuisine, or even, more broadly, on the Eastern cuisine. This is an invitation to see the world through the eyes of an enthusiastic, talented and generous man, who happened to get into the ancient and beautiful culture, filled with flavors of different countries and rich traditions of different peoples. This kitchen is bright, spicy, fun, elegant, and at the same time simple. This what he Stalik, and what his "philosophy of life."

Kazan, Barbecue and Other Men's Pleasure by Stalik Hankishiev at The Russian Book Store No.1

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