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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Venice In Works of Art

Tastefully decorated, richly illustrated gift edition of a silk cover with gold lettering on the cover and a silk ribbon. The book is embedded in a gift box.

The book describes the history of the city, which is revealed to us in works of art, as well as the history of painting as well as the city is well known, the book sheds light on the relationship of art to the state system, to generate a new, outstanding artistic aesthetics.

Venice - what is it? Boedeker saw it as a conglomerate of one hundred and seventeen islands, though, rather, is the six cities located opposite each other: Castello, San Marco Cannaregio - one side of the Grand Canal and San Polo, Dorsoduro and Santa Croce - the other.

Venice exists due to the tireless human labor: for many centuries, people strengthen its coast, spun a giant web of bridges across the lagoon, combined parts of the city, and also formed the general consciousness of the citizens. Venice was born from the union of a man, land and sea is a wonderful, unique city, washed by the Adriatic Sea.

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Venice In Works of Art in Russian Book Store

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