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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pineapple Water for the Fair Lady by V. Pelevin

Shortly before the new 2011 Victor Pelevin has made his readers once that became a traditional gift - a new book, whose role this time was the collection "Pineapple Water for the Fair Lady". Also according to tradition, the collection has been included three stories and two novels, one of the stories ("Thagi") has previously been published. In the first days after the start of sales of the book was ranked among the best-seller, which, incidentally, is quite familiar to Pelevin's script.

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The fact that the "Pineapple Water for the Fair Lady" - rather, it is not a breakthrough, as planned, though a very interesting book. Pelevin, as usual, demonstrates the subtle humor and the ability to keep abreast of the country and around the world. In novels and short stories included in the book reflects the recent high-profile events - this is why some reviewers have another opportunity to name the author of a brilliant predictor.

Pelevin is imaged. The book has incredible strength and depth images. Reflections on the nature of Russian communism, relations with the Soviet Union cut the dot com boom, and other sudden, unexpected and in a good Pelevin's metaphors occur constantly. Stylistically the book is closest to the earliest stories ("Tambourine lower world", "Revelation Kröger") and essays ("John Fowles and the tragedy of Russian liberalism," "Ixtlan-End of the Line" ) by Pelevin. Same as deeply figurative language, the same virtuoso playing with history.

Pelevin is psychedelic. LSD, ketamine, mushrooms, JDC, references to Castaneda - all Pelevin's psychedelic luggage there. Hero of the first story, drinking kvas with substances, and plunged into a tank with salt water, knows the first God and then the Devil. The second part of the book, even to and from the esoteric - Hinduism, worship of Kali, the practice of meeting with the shadow.

Pelevin is paranoiac. Certainly, could not do without a crowning Pelevin's trick - conspiracy theories. Here and filling transmitter built into the tooth, George Bush, and create fake Satan whispering-Soviet Russian leaders from Stalin to Putin as a rule the country, and linguistic sabotage bloody gebni against U.S. unmanned fighters, and even the office of Google Secret Service, which arrested users injecting suspicious queries.

Thus, it appears that the event is fully book will become a hot fan Pelevin. For those for whom literature Pelevin is not subject to bigotry, familiarity with the book will be just nice.

Pineapple Water for the Fair Lady by V. Pelevin at The Russian Book Store No.1

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