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Monday, December 20, 2010

Far Away, Far Off by Sergei Dolya

Fascinating sunsets of Easter Island, the monumental structure of North Korea, slow and dangerous icebergs of Antarctica, the amazing lunar landscapes of Iceland, the U.S. Mars rocks and anthropogenic beauty of Dubai and rural landscapes of Burma - all seen through the lens of his camera and showed us one of the most popular blogger of Russian internet (RUNET) - Sergei Dolya (his blog "Page of virtual travelers" every day visited by more than 30 000 people!). Sergei did not just publish stunning photography, it also tells us that in those parts of the country, interesting and exciting things you can find.

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This book - not a guide and not a photo album, though the pictures it can be seen for hours.

It is the world through the eyes of an intelligent and interesting person. In this section the only part of the records of journeys by Sergei surprising corners of our planet.

The book includes reports on travel in:
- Burma
- Iceland
- Easter Island
- Falkland Islands
- Antarctica
- Dubai
- North Korea

Sergei Dolya is so popular that it is specially invited to the most interesting places on the planet, so he showed them later in his blog. You can see these parts of the world, whose existence may not even suspect. And, maybe, to dream about that once they see with their own eyes.

Some pages from "Far Away, Far Off" book you can find further.


and waterfalls
Construction of the century
Burj Khalifa

North Korea
Museum of Kim Jong I

Buy book Far Away, Far Off by Sergei Dolya in online bookstore.

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