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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Russian World. Nature, Life and Customs.

How to explain the phenomenon of the mysterious Russian soul? What are the traditions of hospitality in Russia? What is a business in Russia? Why do Russians often do not understand the West, and what to do, so that they can understand, where did stereotypes about Russia and how they are truthful?

The Russian book "Russian world" answers to these and many other issues. This book - a practical guide for anyone seeking to understand himself better, Russia and the world. "Russian world" will teach readers to understand Russia, to help create an adequate image of Russia, not only for themselves but for friends, colleagues, and partners.

Russian folk tales, the foundations of statehood, relations with the West, the peasantry, family relations, the role of women in society, Orthodoxy in Russia, education, the importance of books in Russian society, the intelligentsia and its significance in history, the attitude towards entrepreneurship, Russian meal - about all this the author writes a surprisingly easy and understandable language.

The author, Anna Pavlovskaya - the doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of the Regional Studies Faculty of Foreign Languages of Moscow State University, head of the department of regional studies and international relations, director of the Center for the Study of interaction between cultures.

"Russian World" is recommended as a textbook for future cultural studies and regionovedov, but first and foremost, this book is aimed at people who are curious it would take a new look at Russia, examining its past.

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