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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tatyana Solomatina: Commune, or Student's Novel

This is a very cruel and very tender book. At the same time.

This book is about our common disorder. Skewness being. Which, incidentally, is not always bad.

So, her name was Polina. At the main character - a student of Odessa State Medical Institute Polina Romanova new life begins. Independent.

She moves into his own room in a communal apartment - well, let them not flat, but in the center, with a six-meter ceilings. But its neighbors: "bitch Nelka", "philosopher", a know-all, hard-drinking yard cleaner, Wandering Jew, and ... the smell of new life.

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The life of the heroine in harmony with the era: Polina join to college in 1986 - wind of change, the new Secretary General, the new general course, perestroika, - and already available in the early nineties in a different country.

Living in an era of change. Love in a time of change. Death in an era of change. And between these extremes - many, many, many accurate and juicy details of time, life, human characters and everything that makes your life in all its diversity.

"Commune" - a metaphor for our existence in society at all levels, from apartment to the state. Is there life after you first came early in the morning in the communal kitchen with the thought "I live here, too, depends entirely on you. Ready? Well, go. Check it out.

Today we live in separate apartments, houses and cottages, each its own bathroom and kitchen, and other physical conditions are quite different, and metaphysical - in fact they are exactly the same.

If we look wider, "municipality" - a metaphor for all and inner peace. In each person a set of personalities get along with each other about the same laws as citizens "of the Commune". Look into its characters and learn about these personalities within himself: and the positive (and not without, say, features of character) and negative (not without a nice feature). All are residents of one house of your soul, all the characters of one book.

This novel about a reckless youth and growing up a brave - youth enjoys the new, not yet knowing that every new mark an irretrievable loss of the old. And yet - that it is important not just "grab" a certain amount of yourself in the "Commune" of being, but to be able to fill it by yourself, learn how to manage them - and the greater the volume, the more work it must be invested. And how closely and are close understanding of the culture, the arts - in short, thin things - and the realization that what sometimes spiritual are simple carnal pleasures as well and good that we sometimes do not notice.

"Commune" - a book that everyone who reads it will be able to find something in common with the author and something of their own. Separate.

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