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Monday, April 25, 2011

All I Know About Paris by Zhanna Agalakova

On April 19, in Trading House "Biblio-Globus" took place presentation of the book by Zhanna Agalakova "All I know about Paris".

Zhanna Agalakova is special correspondent of Channel One Russia, a very thin, with an incredible French charm, told in her book about the most beautiful city in the world. At the presentation she introduced the book, read a few passages from it in passing in response to questions from reporters and readers who shared their impressions and experiences, how to be a true Parisian.

Here are some tips from Zhanna Agalakova:

  • Everywhere and always say hello, even if in French you nothing but the duty «Bonjour» and «Merci», do not know. For Parisians is natural, as for the Muscovites to go without saying a word.
  • Speak softly, your voice "buzzed" at the Paris air flow. Nice tone - one of the virtues of a true lady.
  • Try to be elegant (for women), if you fly on invisible wings. By the way, Parisians do it so naturally that will be the same, except that, experience and practice.
  • Nice to be able to tie a scarf (for men). They know how to do it casually and elegantly at the same time, and it does not make them any difficulties.

The book "All I know about Paris" is an author guide, where you will find the addresses of bakeries / restaurants / museums, and the recipes simple French dishes, and pictures of this city (whose author is Zhanna Agalakova's husband Giorgio Savona). And even if you are indifferent to this European town, then after reading will want to go there. After all, Paris - is the soul of the world.

All I Know About Paris by Zhanna Agalakova at The Russian Book Store No.1

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