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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Step Aside and See by Tatyana Solomatina

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New Book by Tatyana Solomatina "Step Aside and See", the first part of the future trilogy, the absolute fiction that follows all the rules of the genre while simultaneously denying them.

Such is the paradox.

This book is a fantastically realistic. Get ready for a thorough leveling of all your five senses: you wait for a sandstorm and the seabed, the heavy wind on the rocky ground and spicy hot southern night ...

This is not fantasy. For the present.

Fantasy will begin when the main character - a 14-year-old girl with a sufficient degree of probability can be regarded as alterego of the author, will receive a letter from the future, addressed to her.

"- I got out of the bag half-balls, two "scroll" and laid on the table. - Here. These things came to me a very strange way ... And at this moment ... O Lord, how did it say? In general, ... Two days ago I ... died. Drowning ... But it is as if resurrected. However, then things look different ... And thanks, as I think you should not spirits and gods, and the strange properties of time and the ability to at least one of these ex-balls to use these properties. And more ... myself."

This letter is a warning: a person who likes the main character will die in a few days: an accident in the mountains. More precisely - was lost - in the time in which they lived until she received a letter from ... herself. Now everything can change. But only ...
... if she decides to do so;
... if she can get to that person;
... if he would believe her.

And many other "if", whih we do not notice in normal time, when everything goes on from the past into the future. Since receiving the letter from the heroine is only present. Her time pressed as hard rock, whose steep wall charts her heroine hard way.

For the sake of love.

The only feeling that can subdue Time, without harming him. Feelings that can do real miracles in our thoroughly the real world. Maybe because it is them, this world. Time. God.

If you stand back and look at any (and us with you, too) life, it turns out that the main fiction - it does not ship, plowing through the Universe, not the sword-kladenets and talking fish, and even the ability to change her own past. Main fiction - to be happy in the present.

And Happiness ...

"Happiness is not to know what the world really is. And in fact - with whom you are in this world. "
Step Aside and See by Tatyana Solomatina

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