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Sunday, February 13, 2011

War. Myths about USSR. 1939-1945 by Vladimir Medinskiy

If you've finished school before 1985, read the memoirs of Zhukov and other of Russian commanders, "Hot Snow" and "Brest Fortress", watched the movies "Liberation" and "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", this book will still be for you curious and useful .

Vladimir Medinskiy has set a lofty goal - to expose the ugly myths running overseas in relation to Russia's "well-wishers" and their homegrown "super democratic" groupies. In their view, the Soviet Union was one of the culprits of the outbreak of World War II, fighting in the Soviet Union could not, and it would be better to lose to the Germans, would already Bavarian beer drinking, most people did not want to fight, and men went into battle only under the muzzles of machine-gun detachments, the war, according to some Russian filmmakers, won the penalty box and cons. All of these myths seem at first glance not too scary, but as the author rightly points out, undermine the very foundations of the life of Russian people, forming a people terrible feeling of complete failure, inferiority complex, and thereby dooming the people and the country on the degeneration and ultimate destruction.

Vladimir Medinskiy's aim to expose these hideous cliche, to drive into the heads of Russia's young people (primarily), and it can be said to implement the task quite efficiently and successfully. Immediately should be warned that the book is not a history of World War II and the Great Patriotic War. This is really an attempt to expose some myths. The author begins with an attempt to discover whether the Soviet Union was preparing Germany for war in 1920-1930's, raises the question, why did the carnage started in this world and who is really responsible for it. He recalls the Spanish Civil War, waged by local fascists, and notes that the only country to actually assist the legitimate government of Spain, was the Soviet Union. He believes non-aggression pact August 23, 1939 diplomatic victory for Moscow, which helped take the war on our borders and destroy the plans of our "Democratic friends" bleed the Soviet Union and Germany, and put yourself in the position of third rejoicing. It turned out quite the opposite of what is still to forgive Stalin and the Soviet Union and they can not.

We add that the book opens our eyes to many of the events occurred during the Second World War.

The book is very useful and very necessary in our pretty perestroika. Strongly recommend that everyone who cares about Russia and the victory of the Russian people during World War II.

Buy here "War. Myths about USSR. 1939-1945 by Vladimir Medinskiy"

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