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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manipulation. Attack and Defend Yourself by V. Soloviev

Nov. 23 at the bookstore "Republic" at "Lotte Plaza" on Novinsky Boulevard, the presentation of a new book by Vladimir Soloviev, "Manipulation. Attack and Defend Yourself". Incidentally, this is his fifth book!

It is said Soloviev, "Well he likes it ..." - Home to more readers liked it. And how think Vladimir, each his book, has at least about 150,000.

At the presentation Vladimir explained that the value of his book about "manipulation" is that it is written is not a theorist, a psychologist and a practitioner, adding, that in comparison with the Dale Carnegie of his book will be a real discovery for the ambitious.

Author because of his work have to communicate with a huge number of people of different personality types. In this constantly have to address issues of protection from psychological effects, and sometimes the most influence on others. Large accumulated experience in this area and allowed Vladimir Soloviev to write a book on such topics!

The book describes the nature of manipulation as an art of human communication: eye contact, body language, managing expectations, particularly in public discussions with the deepening of historical examples.

The author plunges us into the world of manipulation, tells how we manipulate in the lives of each other. Stop in the chapter titled "Crowd Control", makes a remark to explore more information about the mass psychosis and paradoxes of mass psychology. A separate chapter is devoted to sexual relations between people, as a factor of mass manipulation.

The book is written in fairly simple language and easy to read ...

Buy here “Manipulation. Attack and Defend Yourself by V. Soloviev”

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